Ways I Can Help You…

All of my services are fully customised to your needs. I’ll work closely with you to understand your goals for the project, and utilise my skills, knowledge and expertise to set the pathway to achieve them. I’m an “all-rounder” when it comes to everything digital. I specialise in the creation of well designed websites – focussing on conversion. Plus social media, email, digital marketing, and everything related to managing the online presence of your business.

Below is a more detailed description of my services.

It is IMPORTANT that you book a free call TODAY, if you want to work with me within the next three months. That is my next available time to start a new project, so don’t leave it to the last minute and miss out.

Web Design and Maintenance

If you are a business looking for a new website, or your current website is looking a little tired, then a web design and maintenance option might be just what you need.

I’ll create you a website:

  • That is beautiful, professional, and aligned with your brand… to make you look good online
  • That is goal focussed… creating an excellent online experience for your customers
  • That is optimised for speed and performance… because nobody likes to wait around
  • That is SEO ready… to increase the visibility of your online business in search results

I’ll maintain your website to save you time:

  • Updates to software… to prevent vulnerabilities in outdated software
  • Website backups… just in case things go wrong
  • Website security… stop the hackers from infecting your site
  • Clean-up and optimisation… to ensure things are always running smoothly
  • Technical support… to help with any troubleshooting tasks that pop up from time to time

Web design projects usually take between 8-16 weeks, or sometimes longer depending on complexity.

Online Business Management

Needing an overhaul of your online business? If you’ve got a specific goal in mind for where you want to take your business but not sure where to start, here is where I can help

  • Branding cohesion between all digital mediums
  • Social media management
  • Email list management

and more…

We will work together, regularly discussing your goals, and put together a proposal based on what you are looking to achieve. Whether it’s organising your emails, managing your Facebook page, email list management or automation, let’s chat.

Digital Marketing Strategy and Consulting

There’s so much that can go into a digital marketing strategy. Any strategy I develop doesn’t just look at one piece of the puzzle… rather I look at the bigger picture. Say you want to run Facebook ads, that’s great! But we will also need to take care of the landing pages or sales funnels that your ads lead to. After all – running ads to a page that doesn’t convert ends up being a huge waste.

I can help with:

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing

just to name a few…


I DO NOT make any guarantees on revenue goals. It’s just not very fair to put that on anyone as it’s something that cannot be predicted. Having a beautiful website and an excellent marketing strategy is only part of the equation. Anyone who has worked with me will tell you that I give all my attention, energy, skills and expertise 100% of the time.

I promise that I will save you a heap of time and money that you would have otherwise spent on courses and training that really only show you the basics. My aim is to spare you from the headaches and stress of deciding what tools to use, learning those tools, what order to do things in, plus all the technical mumbo jumbo.

Finally, I will treat your business like it’s my own – this means I will not work with just anyone. During your FREE discovery call, we will talk about whether we will be a good fit. Because when we are, amazing things can happen!