Website Maintenance for WordPress – The Ins and Outs of Website Care

Website maintenance for your WordPress site is something that is often overlooked.

It’s very easy to believe that once your website is up and running, you’re all done.

Set and forget, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not.

Research suggests that WordPress is the most hacked into content management system of them all.

But don’t fret.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use WordPress. Over 60% of WordPress websites were hacked because they were outdated.

About 40% get hacked due to security flaws in their hosting.


More than half of vulnerabilities are caused by WordPress plugins.

Ok, enough of the statistics.

What you probably want to know is, what can you do about this?


This is where website maintenance comes in.

The most important benefits of website maintenance

Website Maintenance for WordPress - BenefitsYour website is a crucial online marketing channel for your business.

It generates leads, customers and revenue. Maybe it’s your primary source of your business income. But what if your website was to go down for any period of time? How much would it cost your business?

With a website that is down, that’s potential leads you are missing out on.

With a website that is down, that’s potential customers visiting your competitors instead.

It’s all about lost sales and revenue.

The aim is to keep your website up and running as close to 24/7 as possible.

Next, all software needs regular updates.

With WordPress being the most popular content management system, it makes it a prominent target for attacks.

And with all the technological advancements over the years, hackers are getting smarter. They look for easy targets to cause harm, which unfortunately, websites are exactly that – an easy target.

WordPress, like any software, needs to be kept up to date and maintained to help prevent it from being hacked.

And finally.

If something extremely bad were to happen to your website and it wasn’t recoverable, what do you do?

One word,


By regularly backing up your website, it means that should disaster strike, you could return your website back to how it should be in no time.

Overall, website maintenance is designed to keep you online for your customers to do business with you.

Here are some of the tasks that might be included in maintaining your wordpress website.

Updating WordPress Core, Themes and Plugins

WordPress, Themes and Plugins are all regularly updated.

Maybe they have developed new features. Fixed a few bugs.

Or they may have closed a potential security hole.

In any case, keeping WordPress core, your theme and any plugins on your site updated will help reduce any vulnerabilities in old software.

Security Monitoring

Website Maintenance for WordPress - Security ShieldI’ve mentioned it before, WordPress is popular.

Popular for websites, but also popular for hackers.

Therefore, WordPress security is even more important now than it ever has been.

Although keeping WordPress, Themes and Plugins up to date helps with security, your efforts shouldn’t stop there.

Having additional security on your WordPress website will help with

  • Brute force attacks – Bots attempting certain actions on your site in an attempt to bring it down
  • Malware scanning – Detecting any malicious malware appearing within your website, and taking action to remove it
  • Hacking and spamming prevention – Block the attackers from even reaching your website


Probably the most important task of website care is regular backups.

It’s worth pointing out that most web hosts provide a backup service. However it’s not enough.


Well your web host stores your backup, sometimes even on the same storage as your website. What this means is that if your web host is down, then your backup will also be down.

You should be conducting regular backups that are stored off-site. In other words, stored in a different location to where your website is hosted.

Technical Support and Website Updates

Most website maintenance packages include some level of technical support.

This could include tackling some of the small troubleshooting tasks or support requests that might pop up from time to time.

Kind of like ‘peace of mind’ support, where support for anything, big or small, will be there if required.

Sometimes, technical support can be bundled together with website updates.

Needs some text changed? Or and image swapped out?

Done. All taken care of.

Performance Monitoring

Regular monitoring of how your website if performing can include things like:

  • Analytics – the tracking of visitors on your website, providing details on traffic, trends and other helpful insights to inform the way forward.
  • Pagespeed – a fast loading page means a happy visitor. Noone wants to wait around for a website to load.
  • Audits – understand how well your SEO efforts are performing, and whether there are any things you need to improve.

Everything all wrapped up into a nice, neat, monthly report

Website Maintenance for WordPress - Monthly ReportIf you like reports, then all the above can be put into a monthly report to let you know exactly what maintenance or care has gone into your website.

Want to know how many people visited your website and where they were from?

Or stats on blocked attempts at hacking your website.

It can all be in a report.

Sometimes it’s nice to know that the money you are investing into your website is paying for itself.

Can I maintain my website myself?

Now that you understand what goes into maintaining your site, you want to have a go at it yourself?

Sure you can!

If you have some level of technical knowledge and know your way around WordPress websites, there’s nothing stopping you from doing maintenance yourself.

But would I recommend doing it yourself?


And this isn’t just to get you to sign up to one of my website care plans.

I would prefer that you get a professional to maintain and manage you site, even if it isn’t me.

And here’s why.

Things can go wrong.

Performing maintenance and updates can sometimes cause other things on your site to go wrong. Maybe the update has made your website look a bit off, or worse, your website is brought down.

Without a website care plan, you’re either on your own or you’ll need to hire your web developer to fix the issues

This means more $$$ to spend.

Maintenance can be tedious.

The required tasks can get repetitive.

Sometimes they are slow.


You’ve got better things to do with your time. You’ve got your business to worry about. Why spend 3 hours, or maybe more, trying to figure out why updating a plugin has caused your website to crash.

Nothing can beat experience.

We work with WordPress every day.

And if I built your website, then I know it inside and out.

Who better to care for it than the person that created it.

Essentially, I will take care of all the tedious, time consuming, otherwise boring tasks that would be taking you away from what you do best… running your business.

Conclusion – Regular maintenance is a must for any website

These days, you cannot simply set up your website and forget about it. Chances are, something is bound to go wrong if it is not well maintained.

There are plenty of resources out there that will help you tackle the job yourself, but I strongly recommended you get a professional.

It doesn’t have to be me.

But make sure it is someone who knows what they are doing, and they have your best interests in mind.

After all, your website is an investment you have made in your business.

Have you tried to perform your own website maintenance? How did you go? I want to hear from you. Send me a message below.

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